SAP Logon Application Redesign

The SAP Logon Application menu (SAPGUI) has been redesigned to make it easier to access SAP applications. The new menu design provides a uniform grouping of SAP systems (i.e., Production, QA & Development), provides a System Description, and a single point of entry for each system

The enhanced features will be available soon.

For additional information, click here.

  ANNOUNCING the 2013 Annual Enrollment!

The online 2013 Annual Enrollment period has ended. If you did not enroll, you may call the Cooper HR Service Center at 888-266-7471 to enroll by 12/31/2012. Remember, you will need to enroll in a medical plan to have coverage for 2013. The newsletter provides information about the two medical plan options along with other 2013 changes. There is also a cost estimator link that will enable you to compare how the two medical plans might work for you.

  Cooper Industries – Security Enhancement

What is happening?
On October 13, 2011, EBS Desktop Services began releasing enhanced features of the Symantec Anti-Virus product to all Corporate employees. These features are intended to support the ongoing efforts of protecting the computing environment at Cooper Industries. The key benefits of the upgrade include:
  • Increased virus detection and removal capabilities
  • Proactive detection and blocking of malicious activity
  • Precise identification of comprised workstations
Who does this affect?
All Cooper Industries employees using a laptop or desktop computer. The enhanced features are being released across the company, in phased approach, over the next forty days.

How will this affect me?
During the upgrade process, there may be brief slowdown in performance on your computer. The upgrade lasts 5-10 minutes and does not require interaction.

As a reminder, the icon for the Anti-Virus can be found in the “SysTray” and the icon looks like this - . The SysTray or "System Tray" is Computer-Speak for the area on the right side of your Taskbar near the PC clock.

For specific questions about the security enhancements or the Symantec product, please contact EBS Desktop Services. For all other issues, please contact the Service Desk.

  Inside Track!

Your exclusive employee portal to search available jobs at Cooper.
In the employee survey last year, you made it clear that you wanted more input into your career progression & more say in your professional development.
You spoke. We listened.
Please go to HR Employee Services and click on the Inside Track link to discover your next step within Cooper!

  Password Best Practices

Passwords are the most vital part of account security. If an attacker discovers your password, he/she can use your account to attack systems in or outside Cooper to read, modify or delete your data, or access your email. For more information Click here

Protect Yourself and the Company

Cooper is presently engaged with several suppliers to develop Security Awareness training for our employees. The training will involve an online course to raise awareness of security best practices and how to protect yourself and the company. In the meantime, please take time to read the information below, which will not only help protect the company, but also help protect you. Click here

Cooper Crouse-Hinds Introduces Revolutionary New Explosionproof Variable Frequency Drives

In June Cooper Crouse-Hinds introduced the ACE Explosionproof Variable Frequency Drive, the only NEMA 7 enclosure to safely and reliably house a VFD. This exciting new product combines the EJB explosionproof enclosure with patent-pending active cooling technology, allowing a traditional VFD to be housed inside the classified enclosure without the risk of overheating. The ACE Explosionproof VFD is rated Class I, Divisions 1 & 2 for use in the most extreme environments, and it is designed to match the high requirements of the Oil & Gas industry, as well as other heavy industrial process industries.

This product is the result of over 2 years of innovative and creative thinking from the world’s leading provider of electrical and instrumentation products for harsh and hazardous environments. The ACE VFD has 9 patents pending and numerous noteworthy design features. Click here to watch a video demonstration from Steve Sundlov, Product Line Manager at Cooper Crouse-Hinds.

Identity and Access Management (IDM)

The Identity and Access Management Project is a phased project with different systems and regions being added over time. Cooper’s first phase includes the US, and will support password reset / synchronization and system access requests.

Cooper Self Registration
All users must perform Cooper Self Registration to use the password reset / synchronization solution, even if you are not planning to change your password at this time.
Click here

Cooper Self Service Password Reset
The Cooper Self Service Password Reset solution provides users with a password self service function. In addition, the solution synchronizes your password on the systems connected to the IDM Solution where you have an account. The first phase supports password reset / synchronization for Network log on, Inside Cooper, and all Production SAP systems (i.e., ECC, BW, SRM, cProjects/cFolders and GTS) connected to the IDM Solution.
Click here

Cooper Request For System Access
Cooper Request For System Access provides users with an automated solution for requesting system access. The tool includes workflow to ensure that appropriate approvals are received before provisioning the requested access. The first phase supports Production access requests for BW, cProjects/cFolders, GTS, and SRM.
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Congratulations to the 2011-2012 Cooper Scholarship Winners!

Please click the link below to see the winners by Division.

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Cooper Leads the Way in Innovation

Cooper Industries has ranked as the number one innovator in the Patent Board’s Industrial Components & Fixtures Patent Scorecard™. The latest results were compiled with data through April 15, 2011 and published in The Wall Street Journal. Click here to read more about Cooper’s latest Patent Board recognition.

Cooper Oil & Gas
The brands you trust. The solutions you need.

Announcing a new initiative designed to align Cooper for continued growth and maximize synergies to better serve the Oil & Gas Industry.

Click here for more details.

I got back to the office today, checked my Voicemail and realize I missed out on a sales opportunity!

This is a Cooper Sales Associate nightmare, all that hard work and road warrior travel for nothing. Left the office for half a day to develop some new business, and come back on Monday to a phone full of voicemail- one of them an urgent message with a juicy opportunity. It happens to many of us, not just the sales team. It could be an important message from a business partner, a project manager or a customer. In this age of mobility the world oftentimes will not wait for us to check voicemail the next day. Did you know that the EBS Network and Communication team has a solution for you?

Did you know that you can report an incident to the Service Desk without picking up the phone or sending an e-mail?

Remedy Requester Console provides an easy, user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly submit incidents to IT. Using the Requester Console, you can submit, track, and (in some cases) resolve your own requests, and as a result, improve the overall efficiency. Click here to get started today.


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